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Budget Websites

The Budget Websites team has over ten years of website development behind us.  Small businesses are key to us – we are one and we help even the smallest of businesses to dip their toes into the world wide web without having to plunge in at the deep end.  We enable you to lay the building blocks for your online presence and growth without the usual outlay for a custom site.

Build a professional online presence

– even on a budget

Simply select one of our demo sites – each of which is a custom crafted design template of ours, themed by business, then pick your custom colour scheme and supply us with the text & images.  We will then create your version of it with your name, brand, images and content.  This allows you to quickly get up and running online and to have a professional internet presence with a lower level of investment than usually required. For this you get a platform you can manage running a well made, professional and responsive website.  First impressions count and our sites do not give the impression of being a website made on the cheap.  And as time goes on?  When your growth prompts you to upgrade your site, to seek a bespoke site to truly stand out or to add functionality, our parent company will be delighted to speak with you about how we can enhance your online profile, visibility and impact.

What’s Included?

Every Budget Website comes with a minimum of:

  • Updatable (CMS) Website
  • 5 pages to start you off
  • Contact form
  • Blog Functionality
  • Social Media buttons
  • Mobile Friendly Design
  • Google Map
  • Home Page Slideshow
  • Google Analytics/SEO Ready
  • Advice and guidance
  • One year of hosting (optional)

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How it Works

You select a site template from our custom crafted designs and we fit it with your custom colour scheme, images and content which you furnish us with. All content supplied must be final and ready to publish.

Payment is due in advance along with the content (text, high quality photos, vector logo files). The site is designed behind a coming-soon holding page until your sign-off.

If you have an existing Domain and Hosting account, we will need access. If you need a domain one must be purchased, either by you or by us on your behalf. We provide a handy manual for preparing your content below.



A project such as your organisation getting a new website is not one that is done without thought, so please read you FAQ’s page. We hope the information contained within can put your mind to rest.


We are always open to discuss and advise, so please feel free to contact us. We’ll give you lots of good advice without being pushy.


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