Budget Website FAQ’s

Below is an expandable list of frequently asked questions about our budget websites. Just click on any subject to get more information or call us on 021-2029150.
What do I get for my money?

Quite a lot actually, as we take pride in our work and in the success of our clients. Please SEE THIS PAGE for full details of what is in each website package.

OK, that is actually quite a lot. What don't I get?

Regular backups and software updates. If you wish however we can discuss an additional contract for these services. We do recommend that you do this to help keep your website secure and functional – call us on 021-2029150 for more details.

Custom branding/graphics creation. Again, this is something we can come to an arrangement on as an extra paid service.

Understood. So what do you need from me to make the site?

Self-Service Option:

  • Please SEE THIS PAGE for full details of what we need from you in order to create your base level website – this is the cheapest, self-service option.

For site levels B4, B3 and B2 we’ll need the following:

  • Site map (Wiki: A site map… is a list of pages of a web site… organized in hierarchical fashion) e.g.:
  • Branding: your vector logo files (usually from your printer), your preferred colours, your tag line(s) or slogans
  • The finished text for each page of the site submitted as a word document
  • High resolution images (and graphics if any) in .jpg or .png formats for each page
  • Up to 2 blog posts (text and at least one image each)
  • Your contact details and GPS co-ordinates if you with to have a Google map

For site level B1 (Ecommerce) we’ll also need:

  • 3 sample products with all necessary attributes (sizes/colours/etc.), details, descriptions and images
  • Up to 3 categories of products if needed


That seems like a lot of work! Why do you need so much information up front – can’t we just work together through the whole process?

Well it takes a lot of time to create a site. In order to be able to produce this quality at the price we are charging we need to work as efficiently as we can. We maximize the time our developers spend on actually producing your site. While we appreciate that many people like to be fully involved in the design process time spent on meetings is time our developers are not spending working on your site!

If you need additional design time and assistance, there will be a charge to cover our time. Call us to find out more… 021-2029150.

What will the future hold? What if we outgrow this site?

Then we will have considered our job well done! We love to hear from clients who are doing well, and if you decide to get a bigger and better site from our parent company we will be delighted to work with you on it. Whether it’s added functionality such as e-commerce, or a redesign to freshen things up, your site can be updated without loosing and having to redo content. Our aim is your success and growth 🙂

This doesn't sound like it will meet my needs – I need an ||all bells and whistles|| custom site!

Then call us! 021-2029150

BudgetWebsites.ie is our budget (or Bronze) offering, aimed to get new and micro organisations online with a more affordable investment than larger more complex sites require. Our parent company makes stunning, effective websites and can handle most site requirements. Contact us for more information.

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