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Donerail Park nature trip

Last Friday Orla, Tom and a group of parents took the First and Second classes to Donerail Park to learn about the nature there.  The children went on a hunt for different types of leaves and bugs to study, met the deer and finished the day with some fun in the...
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Have a great summer holidays

Example School would like to wish everyone a very happy summer holidays! We will look forwards to seeing you back here in September, but have a great time in the meantime whether you are staying in Ireland or going away somewhere overseas. Mary
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This is a demonstration website, showing you what we can offer as a website for your school. Any such website would be customised into the colours of your school, along with the content you supply us to fit around the chosen template. A website which once up and running you will be easily able to update and add content to at any time – we even include training in the cost.

Our skilled team of developers and designers have created the following custom template to which you add your own content, colour scheme and personal details to make a modern and fully mobile-responsive site for your school. Bear in mind that this demo is not for an existing school, so while we have tried to keep it looking as authentic as possible images are stock and text is either ad-libbed or explanatory. You would have undoubtedly have access to a great range of photographs and content to show off your school, it’s achievements and character. You will have the the ability to update and add to this site content whenever you wish in order to keep the site content up-to-date, to share information with the parents of existing or appeal to potential students as and when you wish.

This all sounds very easy, and to an extent it is. The hard part is the initial setup and design of such a site – which is where we come in.  We do the hard work, all you do is supply us with the text, images, and details of your colour scheme! We are working from our custom templates, which we have built expressly for this purpose and which we then tailor to your needs. This allows us to keep costs for you lower, as to design each and every site from scratch takes a lot longer and would make the sites prohibitively expensive for most schools.

This allows us to offer sites to you at a far more reasonable cost, whilst not skimping on design or functionality. For the price of €890+VAT (tbc) you will get a full website with the functions you need AND the first year’s hosting (if required), cloud backups and software updates thrown in for free. If of course you want something truly special, or wish to add more complex functionality, then we can do a bespoke design for an additional fee. Our parent company has been producing some outstanding designs for national and international companies in recent times and we will happily work to create another for you.

So please, browse the various pages and consider how a newly refreshed website, with the ability to self manage content and share information with your pupils and parents could benefit your school.

The site will have a great content management system and we will show you to run this site yourself, how to add pages and organise content, so please don’t worry about the site not being ‘big enough’ or the colours not being that of your school. We will use the colours you give us and we are here to give you a healthy foundation to grow from – just as you give your pupils. The colours here are based around the colour scheme for this imaginary school, Example School. This is why we have several differently styled sliders – so you can see, and pick, the style that suits you best and so you can see how your colours might work (or not work) in various configurations for the slider text and navigational elements. Another aspect which we have showed in different ways to display the options open to you is the Gallery page, which has two radically different layout options available to you

We want for you to use and grow your school website independently. The more usage you, your school and the pupils and parents make of the site the better – seeing our sites be utilised and help their owners achieve their purpose makes us happy! Be that purpose self-promotion, to have an easily updated information portal or to grow a business – or all of these.