What do I get?

Below is an expandable list of the features and services included in the website deal. Just click on any subject to get more information.
Professional Design

There are many companies who offer low-cost websites in a variety of ways, but we pride ourselves on creating attractive and professional, up-gradable website designs on a budget.

Updatable (CMS) Website

We are WordPress experts. Our websites are created with the WordPress platform. This enables you to add, edit or delete pages and blog posts. You can also easily manage your websites navigation. We provide an hour of training when the site is handed over to you so that you can, if you wish, manage your own website.

5 Pages to Start You Off

Five pages is more than enough to make a good impression, to share details about your business, to display your services, to allow customers to contact you and to share Blog posts. You will be able to add as many pages and posts as you like yourself after training.

Contact Form

There are two main reasons for having a website. One is to inform visitors about services, products, the brand or to simply provide information. The other is to provide a customer portal where visitors can get in touch for help or more information. We include a contact form, contact details and if necessary a Google Map on the contact page. It should be quick and easy to contact you for any reason. Many of your existing customers will use your contact page as a quick way to look up your contact details.

Blog Functionality

Putting up a blog post every so often is a good way to boost your site in Google Search rankings for the topic you write about. This is due to their algorithms giving sites with new, or newly updated, content a boost in the rankings. This gives a Blog value beyond just the sharing of information – be that business related or local news in which your company features (or wishes to promote/share).

Social Media Buttons

Social Media is here to stay, it makes it very easy for people to communicate and share information, stories, pictures and links.

By including social media share buttons, visitors can easily share content on Social Media which is free advertising for you. Good blog posts that are shared means increased traffic to your website.

By including social media follow buttons, visitors can easily follow your social media accounts in order to stay up to date with your offerings.

Mobile Friendly Design

All of our websites are mobile and tablet responsive. Typically, 50% to 75% of website traffic (depending on the time of day) comes via mobile and tablet devices. Being mobile responsive is also important for Google Search Ranking.

Google Map

Google Maps are clear, interactive and have routing abilities and help your clients to find you – an essential feature for any business with a physical location.

Home Page Slideshow

A slideshow of images is a good way to display multiple products, services or anything else your business may wish to highlight.


  • Up to 5 images
  • Up to 5 images with overlaid short call-to-action phrases and links to pages within the site
  • A single, large, high-impact image of their key product(s) or premises that doesn’t move
Google Analytics/SEO ready

Google Analytics helps you understand your websites traffic – where it comes from, popular pages, how long people spend on the site, etc. SEO helps to get a good placing in Google Search results – and brings you business from both people who know your company by name and those who do not. Google Analytics code will be inserted into your website to enable you to track your traffic. You must provide us with a Google email address to access these statistics.

Advice and Guidance

We are experts in Web Design and Development, and we want you to succeed. By giving you some advice and guidance we hope to increase your chances of doing so.

1 Year of Hosting (optional)

You may already have a hosting provider. If you don’t, or if you wish to change hosting providers, we offer our own hosting with no added cost for a period of one year. The hosting is a bonus which we hope helps some new businesses to make the leap online. After the first year, hosting will be charged at €60/annum plus VAT should you choose to stay with us.

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