What do you need from me?

Below is an expandable list of the information we will need from you in order to build your website. Just click on any subject to get more information. If you have any queries, please call us on 021-2029150.
Your website domain

This is the address of your website, such as www.BudgetWebsites.ie. If you do not already have one then you can check here to see if the one you want is available.

What kind of domain should I get, if I don't already own one?

.ie domains are suitable for Irish organisations who wish to do business solely or primarily in and/or from Ireland. Please note that .ie domains are regulated and you need to prove your ownership by providing a Business Registration Number, Company Registration Number and/or VAT Number. Alternately, it is possible to prove your ownership of the .ie by providing other forms of proof; this takes longer.

.com domains are suitable for commercial organisations who wish to do business globally.

.eu domains are suitable domains for organisations who wish to do business solely in the EU.

.org domains are suitable for organisations who are not-for-profit such as charities, schools, hospitals, etc.

.net domains are suitable for organisations who are involved in networking technologies such as internet service providers.

There are a range of other domains for other geographical regions or aimed at business types or recreational pursuits. These include, but are not limited to: .co.uk, .info, .irish, .mobi, .tv, .biz and many more. Find a full list of domains HERE.

Your Company Logo and Branding

If you have an existing logo please upload the vector file or original design file – you can get this from your logo designer. Ask them for a vector file. This may be in the form of a .pdf, .ai, or .eps file. Alternately, if this is not possible, upload a high resolution .png or .jpg of your logo. The higher the quality of the image we receive the better it will look on your site. If you do not have a logo we will create a basic text logo as a place-holder for you.

If there are colours, shapes, symbols or fonts you like more than others, please let us know so that we can keep your branding consistent. To choose you main brand colour(s), please check here and supply us with the ‘HEX’ codes for the colours.

Your colour palette

Your organisation probably has a main brand colour and possibly has a secondary colour. You may also wish to select a third colour that contrasts with or compliments the other two. Please select your three colours from here and let us know the ‘HEX’ codes listing the main one first. If you have no preference, you can authorize us to select colours for you based on your current logo file.

Your font

You may wish to have a different font for the headings than for the paragraphs, and that’s fine – just let us know which you want for each. Please visit Google Fonts and choose your fonts – all we need are the names of the fonts. If you wish us to pick a font for you, we can.

Your content text

Please send us your text with headings, paragraphs and bullet points. Please check for accuracy and spelling mistakes. Aim for between 200 and 400 words per page. Your website content must be final and ready to publish. While we may notice and fix and obvious errors, please do not rely on this. We would suggest getting a third party to proofread your content prior to submitting.

We require text content be submitted using the text boxes in the order form or as a Microsoft Word, Open Office or Libre Office file. If uploading a file, we ask for each page to be submitted as an individual document to keep things nice and clear for both parties.

When submitting contact information, please include all relevant information, including Longitude and Latitude for the Google Map as well as postal address and phone numbers.

Your content images

We highly recommend using photographs of your business and staff in action. Seeing genuine, good quality pictures that show off what you do and how you do it will start your relationship with potential customers off on the right foot. They will begin to trust that you can provide what they need. Stock photography should be kept to minimum.

Please upload good quality images that are named appropriately. For example: a picture of John typing up a document could be named something like this: “John Murphy, working on (your keyword for X service/product here) for (your company name here)”.

Please indicate where these images should appear within each page by noting the name of the image file and where it should go.

Slider images for your homepage will be cropped to letterbox shape so as to keep the focus of the picture in the centre of the image.

Orientation of Photographs:

  • Head shots and product photos are generally either square or portrait in orientation.
  • Photos inline with text on pages and in posts can be either portrait or landscape.
  • Background photos, group photos and slideshow photos should be landscape in orientation.

If you require stock photography Bigstockphoto.com is a good source of cost effective stock photography. Freeimages.com and Pixabay.com are good sources of free, royalty free stock photography. Please read the terms of use for each photo before using them.

NB: ONLY USE IMAGES YOU OWN OR ARE LICENSED TO USE FOR YOUR SPECIFIC PURPOSE. You can get sued for using images you do not have the right to use. The content of your website is your responsibility alone.

Access to your domain and hosting (if using alternate hosting)

In order to put your website live we will need access to your domain (and hosting, if you already have a site). If you don’t have a domain, check if the domain you want is available here. If it is you may purchase it there, or we can purchase it for you. Just put your chosen .com or .ie domain name on the order form and we’ll charge you the appropriate fee.

Please note that domain and hosting are annual charges and both are required for a website to be online. Without the domain and hosting information we cannot direct the traffic to the location of your site and if you are using hosting other than ours we cannot actually upload it if we are not given the login details.


Payment is due in advance with the website content. The site is designed behind a coming-soon holding page until your sign-off.

Your choice of template site

Yes, we are using templates. Templates that we have lovingly and carefully crafted that allow us to produce this offering efficiently. They allow you to have a site on a budget with a level of professionalism that would not usually be found at this price-point. Due to the amount of customization (using your information, photos, and branding) and our highly qualified designers, your site will represent your business and won’t look like a generic template site. We are developing new templates regularly, so if you don’t see something you like, we encourage you to send us your suggestions.

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